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Bird's Eye Communications is a small consultancy firm dedicated to helping clients phrase effective messages tailored to their target audiences. We also assist in distributing those messages through the right channels.

Our bird's eye view enables us to always remain focused on the big picture. In today's world, where audiences are overloaded with information already, less often means more. That makes it essential to get to the heart of the matter quickly and to phrase concisely without loosing essential nuance. Bird's Eye Communications uses its decades of broad media experience to accomplish just that.

At Bird's Eye, we care not just about how and when your message should be delivered. We take particular pride in wanting to understand fully what information you have to offer, no matter how complicated the issue. That, and the fact that with us you always know with whom you will be working, sets us clearly apart from the competition.

Bird's Eye provides, among other things, all sorts of written communication such as articles, presentations, books, (funding) proposals, and speeches. We have much experience in science and technology fields. Click 'What we do' to learn more.

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