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WELCOME... Bird’s Eye, a small communications consultancy firm, a flexible and affordable one-stop shop for creating and delivering clear, effective, comprehensive products tailored to specific audiences.

Our wide range of services is rooted in decades of experience in strategic consultancy, writing and editing, graphic design, and documentary film-making in English and Dutch.

We offer services similar to large consultancies without the overhead. We provide you with the same high-quality products but more efficiently and at much lower cost.

Our services

Years in business
Years of experience
Clients served
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some of our clients..

..and what they'VE said

“I thank you deeply and sincerely for your enormous efforts and contributions to lift our project to a higher level. And let me emphasize that I enjoyed the collaboration – I have learned a lot” – Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

“I am really very impressed with the way you turned things around!” – University of Copenhagen

“You will have heard the same from others by now: the final product is regarded a major success. Once again our extremely big thanks to you. Until the next time, I hope!” – Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

“Thank you very much for your efforts, your knowledge and skills, and the flexibility with which you handled a range of opinions. Our project’s impact has already been huge and has provided many people with very positive energy” – Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

“My compliments for the [newspaper] story, the website, and the strategic plan. Asking you to get involved has (once again) turned out to be a good decision” – Netherlands Consortium on Climate Change Adaptation

“It was a pleasure to be able to work together this way and I look forward to future cooperation” – Association of Universities in the Netherlands

“I really like the text, excellent work! [..] I have enjoyed working with you. I must hope this much improved proposal will result in funding, but I think we stand a much better chance now in any case” – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

“We are having a lot of success with our new brochure. It is generating much spin-off. Thanks again for your creativity, and will see you a next time!!” – Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

“You have done a wonderful job. The book’s style is rapid and informative. Easy and enjoyable to read. Congratulations” – European Hematology Association

About us


The company

Bird’s Eye is a consultancy firm based in the city of Amsterdam with a focus on research and policy related to health, sustainability and other fields.

The company was founded in 2009 by Peter Vermij, biologist and award-winning newspaper reporter, science writer, book author and video documentary editor. Since then it has built an international portfolio of clients and projects. By staying small it retains its ability to provide high-quality services to clients quickly, at competitive prices.


Our strengths

We help clients worldwide achieve their goals by tailoring effective messages on complex issues to very specific audiences. 

We use our decades of experience to pair a bird’s eye view with a sharp focus on essential details. We help clients persuade internal and external audiences by helping them create crisp, insightful texts and visuals and use effective communication channels. Our global team can phrase your messages in (native) English or Dutch.

Our team

Peter J. Vermij, MSc
Strategic advisor, writer, editor

Trained in the natural sciences, Peter worked in various media fields for many  years before founding Bird’s Eye. Telling stories, and telling them well, still is at the heart of much of his work.

Marijke Bovens, MA
Writer, editor

Marijke is an experienced and authoritative writer and editor who has worked in areas varying from cultural policy and urban and rural environments to architecture and the visual arts.

Ellen Bouma
Graphic design, DTP, illustrations

Ellen is an experienced, energetic, highly skilled graphic designer and illustrations editor who knows how to quickly provide clients with products that have a stylish, consistent, and reliable look and feel.

Kara Estelle
Copy editing

Kara is a U.S.-based native English copy editor whose track record includes work for one of the world’s top science news magazines. She stands ready to edit or check any U.S. or U.K. English text.

Contact us

Bird’s Eye Communications
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VAT ID: NL.001.441.625.B71

T: + 31.20.618.3420
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