Scripting an Ammodo KNAW Award ceremony

We assisted Ammodo and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in producing almost all textual content for the 2017 edition of the Ammodo KNAW Awards. The project deftly demonstrates our broad and versatile abilities.

We wrote press releases and briefs on the eight winners and their scientific work, which could also be used in the award ceremony’s program book. We drafted all the speeches for dignitaries and jury chairs at the ceremony.

For ‘Ode aan nieuwsgierigheid’, a 40-minute video directed by Stephane Kaas and presented at the ceremony in the Amsterdam Eye Film museum, we wrote the script and we carried out the on-camera interviews.

Visit the Ammodo website, the KNAW website, or watch the ‘Ode aan Nieuwsgierigheid’ video below.

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