Drafting a national research theme

At the request of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) we edited a draft common research agenda for all Dutch universities titled ‘De digitale samenleving’ (The Digital Society). Part of the editing process was developing and formulating a central mission for an internationally unique agenda: to be a laboratory for information technology focused on the impact on people and their societies.

On top of a ‘proposition’ document we developed a press release and text fragments to be included in speeches of university managers marking the opening of the academic year.

One fragment from the proposition (our own translation):

“A special set of characteristics provides the Netherlands with a unique opportunity: to be a global leader in creating the right connections between digital technology and people and their societies. The country can become a leading laboratory for the design, testing and implementation of people-focused information technology. Such an internationally recognized focus could benefit the country socially and scientifically as well as economically.”

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