Science journalism in the age of Trump

At the World Science Forum 2019 in Budapest, at the request of the Word Federation of Science Journalists and in cooperation with German science reporter Kai Kupferschmidt, we organized and moderated a debate session on ethical dilemmas in science journalism.

We challenged an audience of science journalists, scientists, and science communicators from around the world to discuss how to deal with governments and politicians who confront science rather than embracing it.

Title of the session: “When politics and science collide, should science journalists pick a side?”

In a lively discussion, members of the audience gave examples of instances where they had experienced how politicians chose to pick fights with science. How science journalists should deal with the politics of science proved to be a matter of much debate.

Various real-world scenarios were put up for discussion, and many participants vigorously exchanged their differing views.

Photos and a video recording of the session is available on the website of the World Science Forum.

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