Igniting a debate in Helsinki

As part of the 2013 World Conference on Science Journalism (WCSJ), organized by the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ), we set up and moderated a ‘House of Commons’ debate on a growing trend in science journalism and science communication: the same people wearing both hats part-time.

In part because of the downsizing of newspapers and other media, in part because of old rules being forgotten, ever more journalists work on the side by doing pr-related work for the institutions they are supposed to critically cover.

That might lead to less critical stories, and to journalism losing credibility with the general public.

The debate used results from our global survey among science journalists and science communicators. Both those results and a report on the debate can be found at a dedicated website on ‘blurring lines’ in science communication.

Visit blurringlines.org

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