Authoring the history of a European society

At the request of the European Hematology Association, and celebrating the 25th anniversary of that organization’s launch, we wrote and produced Fresh Blood, a book that contains a comprehensive history and overview of EHA’s achievements.

Fresh Blood tells the captivating story of how a small band of young hematologists lobbied and work hard to realize their dream of a more integrated, research-oriented, pan-European organization that could help their field grow and mature.

EHA went on to became a European platform for excellence in hematology, the rapidly evolving biomedical science of blood, blood cells, and blood disorders such as leukemia, lymphoma, hemophilia, anemia, and thrombosis.

Twenty-five years after a crucial founding meeting, numerous initiatives by the association and its members have given hematology a firm foothold in Europe. Education, training and patient care have benefited, and young doctors and scientists have been given fresh opportunities to further advance a specialty vital to human health.

Download the full book (in pdf) or visit the EHA website to order a paper copy.

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