Reducing the rise of healthcare costs

Responding to a call for suggestions from the Dutch Ministry of Health (VWS), the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) convened an expert committee to discuss ways to contain the rapidly rising costs of the Dutch health care system.

At the request of the federation, we helped convene, support and moderate meetings of the expert group and wrote up two reports based on the expert committee’s deliberations: Naar effectieve, passende én betaalbare zorg and Zichtbaar zinnige en zuinige zorg, the final report.

We also wrote the press releases used at the time of publication of the reports and ghost-write an op-ed in a national newspaper.

A number of recommendations of the expert group have been incorporated in Dutch healthcare policy since the reports were published.

Download pdf’s of the reports (in Dutch):
Naar effectieve, passende én betaalbare zorg
Zichtbaar zinnige en zuinige zorg

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